Video: Obouba J.A Adofo subtly jabs and exposes the ignorance of Okuraseni Samuel

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It may be easy to condemn modern music for such blatant repackaging when so many so-called artistes don’t even write their own songs regardless you can’t blame them.

While others write and record their own songs with great talent and developed skills, some only posses the requisite voice and personality to sing and therefore depend on others to record songs.

The above-mentioned analogy was perceived to be the case of Obouba J.A Adofo, a renowned Highlife musician. This is because Okuraseni Samuel in a recent conversation with Quoo Fante of Inside Prime Page TV stated emphatically that his father used to write songs for J.A Adofo.

Obouba J.A Adofo & Okuraseni Samuel

But it looks like the news in the air has not gone down well with J.A Adofo as he has come out clean in reference to Okuraseni’s father (Sammy Jones) writing songs for him when he started music.

According to the renowned Highlife musician, Sammy Jones has never helped him in any way with regards to song composition. All that Sammy Jones did for him was by supporting him with provisions.

As the saying goes, “one good turn deserves another”, he decided to mention his name in one of his songs basically to show appreciation or if you like gratitude towards Sammy Jones’ kindness to him when he started music.

He therefore advised Okuraseni Samuel to desist from polluting the air with the erroneous notion that his father, Sammy Jones, helped him in his (JA Adofo) musical compositions. If not, he’ll drag him to the appropriate department anytime he hears that statement from him going forward!.






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