Video: Pappy Kojo Wants To Chop Down Yvonne Nelson BUT….

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Pappy Kojo is such an amazing Fanti rapper and he’s made me eager to learn the Fanti language, so I got myself a Fanti Girlfriend.

Aside, his adroitness in rapping, his swag alone just kills me and  sometimes, I find myself dressing like him, but then the shape of my head won’t permit me, to do some of his hairstyle.

Well, Pappy has released another music video for his song “Awoa” which is a Fanti term, meaning “You this guy or you this person” and already people are falling in love with it.

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I watched the music video 3 times, before deciding to post it here on, Your Favorite Entertainment Blog and while doing so, there was this part that got my attention.

In a line in the lyrics, Pappy disclosed that If he gets Yvonne Nelson, he wouldn’t spare her at all and Joey B motivated him, by telling him not to spare her at all, if the opportunity presents itself. Just before, I could blink my eyes, Yvonne Nelson shows up in the music video.

Now if you follow Yvonne Nelson On Snapchat, you would have noticed that most of the time, Pappy Kojo is in her house, for reasons best known to them. ( I know they are now very TIGHT friends)

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It’s a usual thing for a male friend to be in the house of a colleague female friend and have some nice chick chat, but then, there will always be an intent. Yvonne is one hot girl, no one would reject the opportunity of chopping her down.

We know for a fact that, Yvonne likes really nice guys judging from her past relationships and having Pappy by her side most of the time, could certainly have some strings attached.

Someone tells me, it could be that Pappy and Yvonne live in the same neighborhood, which explains why he’s always at her place most of the time but I think otherwise.

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Pappy Kojo has just indirectly showed his desire for the A-List actress in this music video but my only worry is, Pappy won’t be able to chop her down even if the opportunity is presented to him. He’s too shy to drop those pants and chop her down, so I am not that worried. If it had been Joey B, I would have been worried.

Don’t mind me, just watch the music video below and please do share with friends and family after watching. Follow us on Instagram, @officialghbase


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