(+VIDEO) People are planning to poison Twene Jonas – Prophet drops serious prophecy

A self-acclaimed man of God has made a shocking prophecy about US-based Ghanaian social media critic Twene Jonas.

The man of God identified as Rev. Boahen revealed that some people are plotting to poison the young man who is known for lambasting politicians and Ghanaian leaders over their poor governance.

The socialite mostly rains insults on politicians to make better policies to improve the living condition of Ghanaians.

In a video going viral, Rev Boahen explained that Twene Jonas has disrespected the leaders of the country just because he currently resides in the United States.

Rev Boahen who is also based in the United Kingdom cautioned Twene Jonas to put a stop to the insults and help build the country.

He described Twene Jonas’ attitude as ‘foolish’ and added that he is really disappointed in his attitude.

The man of God further stated that if Twene Jonas doesn’t put an end to his ‘foolish’ ways, he will lose his life as some people are planning to poison him.

“My last message to you is to be careful with the people you associate with. Very soon, someone will poison you and you will die. Food poisoning awaits you if you don’t change from your bad ways”, the man of God revealed.

Watch the video below;

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8ihciUsDcM&w=696&h=391]


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