(+VIDEO) The Lockdown Affect Me Badly – Oteele Explains The Cause Of His Weight Loss

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Ghanaian comic actor Yao Mawunyo popularly known as Oteele who is know to be always fat has drastically lost weight and has explain the cause of his weight loss.

Sometime last year, Oteele joined a challenge with weight loss company to shed some fat. Despite his weight loss, Oteele said it wasn’t the weight loss product that contributed to his weight loss but stress and grief.

Speaking to Deloris Frimpong Manso on the Delay show, Oteele revealed that he has always been a plus size person since childhood and despite his size, he is actually a very healthy person.

” I have never had any blood pressure issues..I am very healthy and fit and I know people get surprised. I’ve never been sick or being to the hospital in a very long time.” He explained.

Speaking on his sudden weight loss, Oteele disclosed that the death of his sister and the lockdown affected him so much that he lost weight.

“The lockdown drained me financially and my sisters death made things worse. She was diagnosed with diabetes and after spending a lot on her for treatment, she still died.” He sadly narrated.

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