Video: Two Lesbians In Ghana ‘Are Drunk In Love’ & We Don’t Know What To Even Say

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A video which sees two beautiful girls who are said to be Lesbians has stormed Social media with people expressing mixed feelings over the video. In the said video, which is a mixture of their romantic moments in pictures and videos merged together, the two girls, whom we did not have their names at the time of this post are seen all locked up in love.

They are certainly not the first Lesbians in Ghana but for a country where LGBTs do not have any legal backing to support their choice of a sexual partner, it’s surprising that, they have matched up courage to make the video, to let others know how ‘beautiful’ they look together.

It’s no doubt that these two girls are beautiful and some men would wish to have them as girlfriends but they have decided to be Lesbians.

Watch the video below. We would keep you posted when we are able to get more details about them.

In Nana Addo’s voice ;”It’s bound to happen”

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