(+VIDEO) Young Lady Sadly Narrates How Her Mother – In- Law Snatched Her Husband

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A young lady by name Akua Adoma has made some shocking revelations regarding her husband and mother in law who have decided to become lovers.

Every  married young lady’s dream is to build a family with her husband and raise their children together if some come. But unfortunately for Akua Adoma, that was has been short-lived.

Akua Odoma has two children with a man she confesses she loved with her all and would have wished they were still together.

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However, the man is married to his mother and the mother-in-law in question has worked tirelessly to ensure that they are not put together as husband and wife.

Akua Odoma in an interview with SVTV stated;

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“I wish we could settle down as husband and wife but he is married to his mother. His mother said he is her husband and therefore cannot make him marry another woman.

To her, if she allows another woman to come in the way, her son will stop taking care of the family like he used to.”

In order to cater for her kids,  Akua has decided to work to ensure that her children who live in the Central Region with her enjoy the best of everything and is currently selling honey which she delivers in and out of the Central region to make ends meet.

If you were in Akua’s shoes, what will you do?

Video below;

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