Videos:The War Between Afia Schwarzenegger & Obinim: Afia Calls Him A P*ssy Licker

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Things are getting pretty messy this week between Obinim and Afia Schwarzenegger, television host for Utv’s K)k))K).

The pastor and founder of the International Gods Way Church has rained insults on Afia Shwawgnegger accusing her of tarnishing his image on her satirical tv show K)k))K). Obinim who was very furious over the allegations Afia Shwazneggar had levelled against him on her tv show.

In the video Obinim used explicit language in which he calls her an uneducated-dwarf and threathens to attack her in her dream.

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Well it appears, Afia did not take it lightly and in a series of social media posts and videos on her facebook page, she also called Obinim a false and uneducated prophet. Some the words she used are of explicit nature, watch the videos below [Read Also:

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Watch Obinim attacking Afia Schwarzenegger

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Watch Afia Shwazneggar’s Reply To Obinim

Watch the 2nd Video Afia Dissing Obinim Calling Him


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