Watch the hilarious moment Shatta Wale admitted he can eat anything after heavily

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Being a celebrity despite the fan and the excitement that come with it has its downsides. Your life becomes an open book exposed to public and media scrutiny.

Most people smoke — be it marijuana, cigarette, Shisha, or cigar and it’s their life. The morality of it is a discussion for another time.

In Ghana, weed which is an addictive drug or better still herb is illegal for obvious reasons.

International musicians like Snoop Dogg smoke weed every single day and they never get arrested for it, howe et, the story is different in our motherland.

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As a result, almost all our celebrities who smoke can’t speak about it publicly for fear of being chased by law enforcers. Y’all know how Kwaw Kese once faced a jail term in Kumasi over smoking

But it looks like Shatta Wale is one bold artiste Ghanaians can think of as he’s being caught on viral footage bragging about his capabilities after heavy smoking.

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In the video below, Shatta Wale says he can eat absolute anything after heavy smoking


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