“We are constantly under demonic attack as homosexuals” – Nigerian crossdresser laments

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"We are constantly under demonic attack as homosexuals" – Nigerian crossdresser laments

Nigerian crossdresser sum dancer, Jay Boogie, has outlined the key challenge homosexuals face in their pursuit of not being the norm but the extraordinary.

Amongst other things, Jay Boogie said being gay is a very challenging choice of life especially in Africa where religion and culture frown on it.

According to him, they are under spiritual and demonic attack as gays and that makes it very hard for them to live freely since they are weary not be caught off the hook.

“Being gay is not easy. We make it seem easy. We are good at hiding it. It is reallly difficult and we are fighting a lot of demons secretly and hold skeletons in our closet we don’t want to face,” he said in a social media update.

Being gay is not easy - jay boogie




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