We are not growing our own millionaires & billionaires because of our evil mind & witchcraft–Vim Lady

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Vim Lady

Vim Lady of Okay Fm has criticized some Ghanaians who are not able to appreciate the rich people in this country, stating that such wicked mindset and evil nature of some Ghanaians is the reason why we have not been able to produce any billionaires in the country.

Vim Lady’s statements comes after some negative comments from Ghanaians after the luxurious wedding of Kennedy Osei, first son of Ghanaian business mogul, Kwame Despite.

Vim Lady continued to say that it’s impossible for anyone to bring about equal wealth as there has always been that gap since the days of Jesus and even mentioned an instance in the Bible to support her claim.

She further went ahead to talk about past Coupe D’ etat in the country were targeted at reducing the wealth some of people to favour the poor but all of that couldn’t work.

One could tell her blood was ‘hot’ when she was talking and we can’t help but agree with almost everything she said in the video.

Watch that video below and share your thoughts below:

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