We Can’t Fix Ghana Because We The Citizens Are Full Of Hate, Greed, Selfishness and Nonchalant attitude- Prince David Osei criticizes Ghanaians

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Ghanaians on social media have recently taken a stance to call out the government, for the lamentable state of the economy.

Several people have shared their disappointment and dissatisfaction through the current trending hashtag “fixthecountry”, and most Ghanaian celebrities have stated  their opinions in sync to the protest.

Well, while some are demanding better governance policies and developmental projects to enable easy living for the average Ghanaian, others also feel the root of the problem leans on the citizens, and one of such people is actor Prince David Osei.

In an Instagram post, he explained that if the citizens changed their thinking and attitude, the country will then have a chance at becoming better. He said;

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”Ghana will be better and well  fixed if we the citizenry fix ourselves first…say not to hate, greed, selfishness, nonchalant attitude, tribalism….We move!! Fix yourself and then Ghana will be fixed for all to enjoy. Is it not the same human being that work in government and a place of power? Are they not citizens of Ghana? From the church to the flagstaff house is all corrupt!  So let’s fix ourselves first. That will translate to fixing our country Ghana!!! Amen.”


screenshots below;

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