“We shall vote against you If you do not criminalize LGBTQI+ in Ghana” – Church of Pentecost warns government [Video]

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The Church of Pentecost has stated its stance on the criminalization of LGBTQI+ in Ghana and has warned to vote against the government if the Bill is not passed.

According to the church, they are poised and ready to see to the passing of the Bill that criminalizes the activities of LGBTQI+ in Ghana and will leave no stone unturned in their quest.

Addressing the media, Chairman of the Church of Pentecost, Apostle Eric Nyamkeye said the church will vote against the current government and any other government that fails to criminalize the activities of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex etc in Ghana.

“We are going to call people to come out on the street and we are going to warn any government that if you vote against this Bill, we will vote you out. This is about the future of the nation.” he said.

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Apostle Eric Nyamekye stated that the stance of the church should not be misconstrued as a political one. However, they are convinced that the passing of the Bill against LGBTQI+ will inure to the benefit of the entire nation.

For the records, the church of Pentecost is the biggest non-Catholic church in Ghana. It has thousands of branches scattered across the country with some abroad and can boast of millions of members. Therefore, the church believes they have the numbers to decide the political fortune or misfortune of any party thus the Bill needs to be passed.

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Ghanaians who support the banning of LGBTQI+ are ‘clueless’ – Akoto Ampaw fires

According to Akoto Ampaw, a private legal practitioner, most Ghanaians who support the anti-LGBTQ+ Bill are unaware of the full text of the document that has been laid before parliament.

He explained that the majority of Ghanaians support the bill solely because they oppose homosexuality and same-sex activities.

He went on to say that supporters of the anti-LGBTQ+ Bill who read the documents were taken aback.

In an interview with Joy News, he said;

“One of the things about this bill is that most Ghanaians do not like homosexuality so all they hear is that there is a move to ban homosexuality and on that basis, they say ‘We support it’. In fact, many among them, even the educated class, have not read the bill. All they know is that this bill is to prevent homosexual activity. 

But the actual provisions of the bill, very few people have read it,”

“If you are a mother and you have a son who is a homosexual, you may not be happy about it but I can tell you apart from really crazy mothers, they’d just have to live with that situation. Now, this law puts a duty on that mother to report her son to the police. This is the duty under this law.

“Is this not extremist? What social good does it promote for a mother to go and report her son because of who he is? How do you justify that?” he quizzed.

Concerning the protection of people who identify as LGBTQ+, Akoto Ampaw stated that the bill’s assurance will only arouse public sentiment and public hatred for homosexuals.

“The provisions which talk about providing protection and so on are hypocritical. Even our police will not be interested in that portion of the law. If the law says homosexuals are to be dealt with like the bill proposes and people beat them, I tell you…”

“If you go and report to the police that you are a homosexual and you have been beaten, they will just look at you and say ‘go away. That scheme of the whole bill is meaningless”, Akoto Ampaw added.



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