We won’t rush to reduce transport fares despite fuel prices reduction – GPRTU

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Ghanaians were hoping that transportation prices would go down, but Godfred Abulbire, the General Secretary of the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU), said that won’t happen any time soon.

The prices of petroleum products have gone down a lot, and the Institute for Energy Security (IES) says that they will go down, even more, this Friday, December 16, 2022.

IES said that the new prices for gasoline and diesel will be about GH13 and GH16 per litre, while the price of LPG will be about GH12 per kilogram.

Ghanaians have asked commercial drivers over and over again to lower their fares since the beginning of the year, when they raised them by almost 40%.

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On Wednesday, Mr. Abulbire said on Citi FM’s “Eyewitness News” that the Union won’t rush into a reduction until all of the factors that led to the rise in transportation costs are reduced.

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He also said that the Union will watch the trend of the recent drop in fuel prices and the rise in the value of the cedi to make sure it stays the same before deciding on the reduction margin.

“For now, we will not rush and reduce fares, we need to observe things before we reduce before they increase again, and we are told to increase. We are going to observe and by the next pricing window, if the price comes down, nobody will need to tell us to reduce fares.”



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