Wedding Planner Poisons Bride In Order To Take Over Her Man Just Hours To The Wedding

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A wedding planner in Nigeria, seeing to the arrangements for a bride’s big day, left her battling for her life after she was poisoned by the planner who had feelings for the bride’s husband to be.

The weird story was narrated by the bride’s friend who stated that what would otherwise have been a good and joyous day ended with the bride spending hours in the hospital because of complications arising from the poison.

All these according to Shantel on Twitter who described herself as the bride’s friend, happened because the bitter wedding planner had eyes on the groom.

“Today was meant to be my girls big day. She got poisoned by her wedding planner who had her eyes on my girl’s man,” Shantel narrated.

She added; “She’s getting better She has been hospitalized for somewhile now due to other health complications triggered by the poison, but I trust my girl she’s a fighter.”

Questions were raised by Twitter folks as to how the wedding planner was able to carry out this heinous plan of hers.

According to Shantel, they both had lunch together and had a good time while at it and when the police got involved as the bride began to feel uncomfortable, the wedding planner then admitted to poisoning the girl.

She was picked up on suspicion because she apparently sent messages to the groom that suggested she was up to something.

“They had lunch together, the both of them had a good bond. Her man was just smart enough to detect everything due to the nature of text he was getting from the planner and she came plain when the police got involved,” Shantel added.

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