Wendy Shay Drops Bombshell; Says She Is Still A Virgin At 24 Years

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Ghanaian songstress, and self acclaimed Queen of Ghana music, Wendy Shay has got fans talking after claiming she is still a virgin.

Wendy Shay said this when she was addressing an issue she had with Keche Joshua who appeared to have mocked her some time back.

Keche Joshua at the time, in a video that was circulated widely on social media, said some things that suggested that Wendy was going through a lot of things that seem to be worrying her a lot.

Wendy Shay apparently took offence to that as she felt mocked by Keche Joshua’s comment about what she was going through.

Speaking to Sammy Flex on Zylofon Fm, Wendy Shay insinuated that Keche Joshua’s comments to her left much to be desire, adding that she used to dance with songs from the Keche music group, especially their ‘Alugutugui’ track when she was a baby.

It was at this point the show host inquisitively asked if she was a virgin then, to which she answered yes.

Then came the bombshell where she told the host that she is still a virgin at 24 years of age.

“I used to dance with Keche’s songs when I was a baby. At the time I was a virgin, right now I’m still a virgin,” she said.

The host and other panelists had a good laugh about her comment that she is still a virgin; one could see from their reactions that they didn’t believe what she said.

Many Ghanaians will probably not believe her comments that she is still a virgin, but what prove do they have that she isn’t one?


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