Wendy Shay Finally Changes The 3 Months Same Hairstyle To Shame Critics (+ Photos & Video)

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RuffTown records signee, Wendy Shay who was trolled for wearing the same hairstyle for three months has responded to her detractors in a grand style by rocking a new stylish hairstyle.

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Earlier on, Wendy Shay responded to the trolls that she’s in love with her chosen hairstyle that Ghanaians are uncomfortable with because it gives her a distinctive brand and compliments her facial shape.

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But upon a sober reflection, Wendy Shay hit the saloon to spot this new hairstyle which is receiving positive reactions on social media particularly Instagram.

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Well,  now that Wendy Shay has been coerced by Ghanaians to change her three months weave on, we’re hoping that she’ll have a peace of mind especially in the area of her hairstyle.


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Check out photos & video below

Niceness hairstyle with beaming face

Hopefully, Wendy Shay Will Feel Comfortable Henceforth 

Caption this 


Watch video via Instagram 


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