Wendy Shay is my cash cow; she has fetched me more money than the late Ebony Reigns – Bullet

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Admirers of Songstress Wendy Shay almost shed tears when their favorite musician most recently revealed her net worth since joining RuffTown records.

In the voice of Wendy in the studios of TV Africa, she can now afford to buy the latest iPhone and iPad in town unlike previous years. As a result, RuffTown records is like a Heaven to her in reference financial breakthrough.

Wendy Shay x Bullet x Ebony Reigns

Fast forward and like earlier said, admirers of Wendy Shay felt that her label boss, Ricky Nana Agyeman affectionately called Bullet has been using, abusing and misusing Wendy Shay for his selfish financial gains.

To the rightful thinking of admires of Wendy Shay, their favorite Songstress has been mounting a lot of stages, therefore, it beats their imagination for Wendy to link her net worth to iPhone and IPad. Consequently, most disbelieved.

Lo and behold, Bullet has indirectly confirmed in the studios of Neat FM in a recent interview that Wendy Shay is nothing but his big cash cow!!. Simply put, she’s helping him make more money than what he earned from Ebony Reigns of blessed memories.

Watch Wendy Shay taking about her net worth below:



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