Wendy’s Shay’s Younger Sister Goes ‘Wild’ As She Dances To Bedroom Commando (+Video)

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Wendy Shay is trying her best to promote her new song, ‘Bedroom Commando’ after ‘Uber Driver’ and as part of her promotional strategies, she’s asked her fans to participate in the #BedroomCommandoChallenge by doing their own thing and sending the videos to a particular number.

Well, her younger sister happens to be the first person to take part in the challenge. Wendy Shay who has 2 other sisters revealed in onetime in a Facebook Live post that, she’s the second born. The third one and the last born is the one we see in the video you are about to watch.

Although we are not certain about the age of her younger sister, it’s obvious she wouldn’t be more than 18 years old yet.  Watch her perform her own crazy dance of Bedroom Commando far away in Germany where she lives.

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Anyways, the challenge has started, so if you want to also take part, send your videos to +233 54 263 3056 and make sure to post the videos on Social media as well with the hashtag #BedroomCommando.



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