What Does Black History Month Colours Mean?

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Black History Month (BHM) is celebrated in February in the United States. During this period, the struggles and contributions of African Americans are celebrated. It also honours all the Black people who were first brought to the States as slaves. However, the black history month colours have some deep meaning and we will look at them. Read on.

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Why Is Black History Month Celebrated?

Black History Month is celebrated to honour Africans and Black people in the United States. During this period, their contribution to the building of America is honoured and respected. This event is also celebrated in other countries like Canada.

When Is Black History Month Celebrated?

This event dates back to 1915 but was officially celebrated in the 1970s. It was created by Carter G. Woodson. The month of February was chosen for this celebration. Over the years, the following themes have been looked at.

  • Black Health and Wellness (2022)
  • The Black Family: Representation, Identity and Diversity (2021)
  • African Americans and the Vote (2020)
  • Black Migrations (2019)
  • African Americans in Times of War (2018)
  • The Crisis in African Education (2017)
  • Hallowed Grounds: Sites of African American Memories (2016)
  • A Century of Black Life, History, and Culture (2015)
  • Civil Rights in America (2014)

What Are The Colours Of The Black History Month?

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The colours of Black History Month are red, black, yellow, and green. Yellow was not part at the beginning however, with reference to the only African country which hasn’t been colonised, Ethiopia, the colour was added.

What Does Black History Month Colours Mean?

  1. Black: It represents the melanated skin colour of Africans or people of African descent.
  2. Yellow: It represents optimism, justice, and equality for all people.
  3. Green: It symbolises Africa’s rich greenery and other God-given natural resources.
  4. Red: It symbolises the excruciating bloodshed people of colour underwent during the battle against slavery, racism, and colonialism.

Who Is The Most Important Person In Black History?

The following people are recognized for their contribution to the Black Race. They are Dr Martin Luther King, Jr, Rosa Parks, Frederick Douglass, W.E.B. Du Bois, Harriet Tubman, and Abraham Lincoln.

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