What does the Medusa tattoo mean? Why is it trending on TikTok?

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Medusa tattoo has been making massive waves on TikTok which has since caused many people to find the meaning and story behind the famous figure.

It is very evident that TikTok has generated numerous trends ever since the platform was established, this comes up as people from diverse places share their experiences and stories they know which is unknown to others.

The Medusa tattoo trend has attracted massive attention and has been viewed millions of times and in this article, we’re going to get into details about the trend.

Medusa tattoo
Medusa tattoo
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Medusa tattoo has been trending on the video-sharing platform, TikTok and has since been viewed over 45 million times. The topic attracted the attention of people since late 2021.

Before becoming a hot topic on the platform, the first video related to the topic was shared by a user identified as @r.bree.xo. In the video, she posted she was displaying her tattoo and also reiterating the meaning of the Medusa tattoo.

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Sharing the video she captioned it, “A lot of people didn’t realize the meaning of a Medusa tattoo, If you do, I am so sorry you went through this too. You are so strong”.

Well, soon after those who admire the Greek mythological creature got a wing of the video started sharing their views on the topic and it became a hot topic.

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What is the Medusa tattoo meaning?

The Medusa tattoo is said to symbolize beautiful young women who men were lusting after. She was said to be extremely lusted by the sea god known as Poseidon who raped her in the sacred temple of Athena.

The deed of Poseidon made the Goddess Athena furious and turned Medusa into a snake-headed monster

The Medusa creature has been described in ancient mythology as a winged female creature whose hair is a snake and also possesses the ability to turn people into stones.

There were other opinions that Medusa was blessed as rather than a popular view that she was cursed, she was said to be gifted with the abilities to protect herself against enemies.

Medusa has since become a symbol for women in the new age which signifies survival and strength for sexual assault survivors.

According to the Urban Dictionary, “Medusa is a chick that is so out of order fine that she makes you all hard like stone.”

In its figurative meaning, “Medusa is a chick that is so out of order fine that she makes you all hard like stone.”

Is it offensive to get a Medusa tattoo?

No, it’s not offensive to get the Medusa tattoo as it signifies strength for sexual assault survivors

Aside from these, Medusa has also become a symbol of resistance to the victim-blaming culture.

The TikTok who made it generated attention said, “That’s why a lot of people have this tattoo because if they were, they are victims, it is like empowering yourself, taking back your power type of thing.”

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