What exactly caused Ashantis and Ewes to have issues with one another? – Ghanaians seek answers on social media

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There is a perception of history that two dominant tribes in Ghana: The Ashantis and Ewes have a long-lasting issue they are yet to get resolved.

Many believe these tribes have exhibited some level of intolerance towards one another since time immemorial and the same energy has been passed on to generations by words of mouth.

What really caused Ashantis to have issues with Ewes and vice versa? Is it just a perception?

In socio-culture, in any group of people, there will be the “dominant side” and the ” minority side”. The dominant side always feels superior, tends to look down on the minority. The minority tends to resist being looked down upon. Therefore, they never appreciate or accept the Dominant or the majority. This happens everywhere. The Whites look down on the Blacks, the rich and the poor. 

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Well, the question has been posted on social media and many are commenting their views about the entire Ashanti-Ewe debacle.

On the positive side of things, there appears to be some level of cooperation between the two tribes which is evident in marriages, partnerships and relationships but many people still feel these tribes have something against each other.

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What really caused the rift? Is there a rift at all?

There is a popular anecdote which explains how a drinking competition between these two tribes was won by the Ewes which birthed the animosity they allegedly have for each other. Others believe the infamous Ashanti-Anlo war was the genesis of the rift.

Ghanaians expressed their views…check them out below:

Kweku Boye wrote: Ashantis and Ewes ankasa Jesus self no go fi reconcile them. Dem dey hate each other pass and I don’t even know the reason why till now charlie..sad

King: All these Ewes & Ashantis rifts started when Rawlings came to power ..Anloga Junction was given to ewes by Prempeh the I ..this was waaay before time early 1900s If there was a beef in the olden day ion think such will happen … Rawlings started tribal bigotry nkwasiasem nkoa

Gyama wrote: What has deepen Ashantis and Ewes rivalry is partizan politics, also Ashantis penchant of seeing other tribes as inferior

Glock wrote: Ewes are lazy and not industrious like ashantis hence their hate for ashantis and inferior victim mindset. Considering Volta Region is at the bottom tier when it comes to  poverty and rural to urban migration in ghana. Very undeveloped. 80% of volta is bush. Afuom fuor mma. No disrespect but how do you people claim to be “the smartest people in ghana” if 80% of your entire region is underdeveloped with your claims of having a smart human resource??

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