What Happened To Troy Roberts? Stroke, Health Update

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Troy Roberts is widely known as 48 Hours Mystery correspondent who has had a successful career in journalism and all aspiring journalists dream of his lifestyle and personal life.

He was rumored to have been suffering from illness and stroke. In this article, we’re going to learn everything about his health.

Who is Troy Roberts

Troy Roberts was born in the year 1992 and as of 2022, he is 60 years old. He grew up in his hometown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has maintained his status of entertaining people while sharing news hence he is loved by many people. He has been practicing journalism for over three decades and is also highly respected and trusted.

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Troy Roberts started his Journalism career when with KPIX-TV in 1985 as he used to produce and host newsmagazine shows. He has joined several television networks and later joined CBS in the year 1998.

Troy Roberts
Troy Roberts

What happened to Troy Roberts?

The health state of Troy Roberts engulfed various social media platforms which made fans panic but the news about him being sick was just one of the regular rumors that followers celebrities.

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Troy Roberts as it stands now is not seriously sick as they speculated but he is perfectly fine. His career is one that many people dream of and has always been the mentor of many aspiring journalists.

He has two Emmy Awards to his credit for his diverse contribution to journalism. His first award came as a result of his coverage of a bomb that blasted in the 1996 Olympics Summer games and the second was the manhunt and capture of a bomber, Boston Marathon.

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Did Troy Roberts have a stroke?

The veteran journalist was suspected to have suffered from a stroke after it was rumored that he was seriously ill however it appears that the journalist is perfectly fine because his news would have been picked by big media outfits and not social media.

If he is indeed sick, it would be something minor because following the rumored he was seen engaging people on Twitter so the speculations are just a hoax

Troy Roberts
Troy Roberts

Troy Roberts health update

An official statement of Troy Roberts being sick hasn’t been made public after it was rumored on social media that the popular television personality was ill and this shows that he is very well.

As it stands now, the news Troy Roberts’ health can be regarded as a hoax so fans and well wishes can relax

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