What Is Advent? Why & How It Is Celebrated

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In most of the Christian denominations around the world, Advent is the approach and preparation for Christmas. It is said to last for four weeks starting four days before the day of the Christmas celebration.

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Why Is Advent Celebrated?


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Advent is the beginning of the Christian year according to theological findings. The word ‘Advent’ is derived from the Latin word ‘adventus’ which simply means ‘arrival’ or ‘coming’ to signify the birth of Jesus Christ.

It is a time for celebration while waiting to celebrate the birth of Christ and when he will come again. According to the Christian faith, Jesus Christ is the son of God so they celebrate it to commemorate his birth.

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It’s celebrated starting the Sunday closest to 30th November but today’s modern advent calendar begins on 1st December. It is said to have started in Germany more than 250 years ago.


How Is Advent Celebrated?

Advent is celebrated in many ways by Christians around the world. It’s a prominent part of the Christian annual calendar. Sources claim that some people celebrate Advent through study, fasting, prayer or meditation. Below are some other ways it is celebrated;


Advent Calendar

Most people have adopted this type of celebration as a way of celebrating Advent. The calendar mostly had 24 windows with just one window to open every single day before Christmas. The Advent calendar in the modern world can include beauty products, chocolate, cheese and even small gifts.

Sometime ago, the Advent calendar used to contain images from the Hebrew Bible but presently, it contains cation images of Christmas. According to sources, the first Advent calendar was made in Germany in the year 1851 and it was totally handmade.


Advent Wreath

Advent Crown also known as Advent Wreath can also be used to celebrate Advent. This type of celebration consists of a ring of evergreen like ivy and holly to stand for external life and four candles; one for each day up to Christmas day.

The Holly is used as a symbol of the crown of thorns and Christ put it on when he was crucified. Also, the circle of the wreath represents God Almighty; mercy and eternity.

You light one candle on the first Sunday, two candles on the second Sunday and so forth Some advent wreaths also contain the fifth candle to be ignited during the Christmas Day celebration.

Others also use different colours of candles to represent many things. There are mostly one pink and three purple-coloured candles in the package. The three purple-coloured candles represent love, hope and peace.

However, the other pink coloured candle represents ls joy and it’s usually referred to as Shepherds’ candle. The fifth candle is called Christ’s candle and it’s white in colour. Sometimes too, others use red and white colours because they are colours related to Christmas.

During the advent, members of the clergy or fellowship were mostly out on purple or royal blue attires in their churches.



Christingle is some beautiful symbolic beautifications that are mostly made during the celebration. Christingle simply means Christ’s Light. They are also mostly used during Advent in unique services.

The candles on the Christingle are lighted and the fellowships are encouraged to think about the light and believe that can be found through Christ. The different parts of a Christingle represent different things.

  • The orange Christingle represents the world
  • The red ribbon Christingle is a reminder that Jesus died
  • The candle represents Jesus, the light of the world
  • The sweets or dried fruit represent all of God’s creations
  • The cocktail sticks represent the four seasons

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What Is The True Meaning Of Advent?

The word is from the Latin word Adventus which means Coming or Arrival in the Christian church calendar. It is the time of preparation for the jubilation of the birth of Jesus Christ and his second coming.

What Are The Sundays Of Advent 2022?

The First Sunday of Advent, the start of a 4-week observation commencing on the fourth Sunday before Christmas celebration. It shall take place on 27th November, 2022.

Is Advent In The Bible?

Factually, the name was adopted from Latin word ‘adventus’ meaning arrival or coming translating from Greek word ‘Parousia’. Also, in the New Testament, it is a term used to describe the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

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