What Is The Meaning of Jehovah Jireh In The Bible?

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One of the many names for God in the Bible is Jehovah Jireh. Jehovah is the name of God in the Bible. Based on what God does, different names are given to him. So what is the meaning of Jehovah Jireh in the Bible? Let’s find out below.

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What Is The Meaning of Jehovah Jireh?

Jehovah Jireh means “The Lord will provide”. This name is first mentioned in the old testament of the Bible by Abraham. In Genesis 22, God ordered Abraham to sacrifice his only son Isaac to him as a burnt offering.

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Abraham needed a child badly however he obeyed. Whiles on the road with his son, the young child asks what they were going to use for the sacrifice, but the father replied, God, will provide. Whiles trying to sacrifice his only son to God on the mountain, God saw how faithful he was and so stopped him. Then God showed him a ram trapped in the bushes which Abraham later used for the sacrifice. And so with that act of God, Abraham named the place “Jehovah Jireh” which means “The Lord will provide”.

Jehovah Jireh In Our Normal Life

From what God did to Abraham, is very true that God will always provide for those who put their trust in him. He will always provide when you need money for your bills, food and others. The Lord will provide means God has already made provisions for your every need. All he needs is for you to trust him.

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