What Is Your Measure Of Riches For Ghanaian Celebrities – Yvonne Nelson, Nadia Buari, John Dumelo, Jackie Appiah, Sarkodie, Others?

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Riches or richness is a word that does not have a definite definition because it is very subjective to situations and understandings. What are riches to one man might be interpreted by another as poverty in disguise. A man may call himself a rich man but as far as another man is concerned, he’s the poorest of all men.

To this effect, it will make sense for one to set a benchmark upon which he can say this is what I call or makes me rich – irrespective of whether somebody somewhere spurns it or not.

In other jurisdictions, their industries have parameters they use as yardsticks to ascertain the riches of celebs and make them public. Watching from afar, one can say some of our celebs are rich because of their ostentatious appearance.

They drive in luxurious cars, publish holiday spending in other continents, use expensive perfumes, and wear expensive dresses and talks “big.” But does driving in luxurious cars, using expensive perfumes, wearing expensive dresses and talking “big” mean riches? Because, there are numerous people who are not celebs but can boast of such things.

So where is our own evaluation drive for our celebs to determine whether they are growing or not? What is challenging them to work harder and stop being comfortable with little? What is or are the indication(s) for us to know if our art and entertainment industry is growing or not?

We watch entertainment programs on television and we usually see segments such as: 5 Best dressed celebs, 10 most sexy female celebs, 5 most sexy male celebs, 10 most sexy footballers, 5 most controversial celebs, 5 worse dressed celebs, etc.

Never have I heard or seen 5 or 10 richest celebs in Ghana. Have you? If the team behind these programs has charted a criterion for defining the most this or that, it means we can also have an industry benchmark to determine who the richest celeb in Ghana is, or?

Starr FM Drive Time host, Bola Ray, some years back hosted a program called “Paradise.” The concept of the show was to make public the material gains of famous people in our society – in other sense, the ‘earthly-Paradise’ our celebs live in.

So today, GHbase.com asks you: What is your measure of riches for Ghanaian celebrities? What will be your criteria? Let’s start the discussion till we become legends. Until then….MOTWUM!!


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