When am dead and gone, don’t remember me- Wutah Kobby

Wutah Kobby asserts that he doesn’t want to be remembered after he is dead and gone because he believes that the past has no bearing on the present.

The veteran singer, according to a report shared by Tru News Report, revealed during a recent interview on Property FM where he made it very clear that he would rather people concentrate on the present than wallow in the past after his demise.

He made it clear that he wanted other people to enjoy and understand the present.

“I don’t want to be remembered when I’m gone, but if I were to be remembered, it would be for bringing happiness. Through my music and lifestyle, I have always aimed to spread joy to those around me. However, I don’t want people to become fixated on the past,” Kobby shared during the interview.

He went on to explain that many individuals struggle with an overwhelming sense of memory and imagination, which prevents them from fully embracing the present.

Wutah Kobby’s real name is Christened Daniel Morris Nyarko. He hails from Kwahu-Obomeng in the Eastern Region of the Republic of Ghana.

He was raised in Accra, the nation’s capital, and completed his secondary school there before continuing on to Takoradi Polytechnic, where he received an HND in building engineering.

Wutah Kobby’s formed a group with two other people to compete in the first Nescafe African Revelation, where they placed second.

The ace singer currently has three albums to his name—Anamontuo, Burning Desire, and Selfless Bliss. The two earlier albums were co-written by Peevee. Additionally, he serves as the Ghana Association of Songwriters’ vice president at the moment.


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