When You Are Used To Mediocre You See Leaders As gods, The Youth Need To Wake Up – Yvonne Nelson (Screenshot)

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Ghanaian actress and entrepreneur Yvonne Nelson, who has been consistent when it comes to issues regarding  the development process of Ghana has once again advised the youth to stay woke.

Yvonne who has branded herself as an advocate for change believes that Ghanaians should rise up and ensure great things are done.

In a tweet, the actress mentioned that the youth should educate themselves in order to rise against leaders who have over the years oppressed them.

She noted that getting an education will put an end to the woes of the Ghanaian youth.

Her tweet read ” When you are used to mediocre, you see the leaders as gods, charley the youth, wake up!!!! Educate yourselves. Go to school! Get that degree! Equip yourselves! We are gonna change this country! We will change our destiny and that of our kids!


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