Where is Manti Te’o now?

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Manti Te’o was an NFL player who became the victim of one of the most notorious catfish scams and now Netflix has launched a series “Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist.

The Netflix series features Manti Te’o, a Notre Dame linebacker. Unfortunately for the football player, he fell for a lie and ended up dating a woman who never existed.

The genesis of Manti Te’o becoming a victim of catfish was when he started dating Lennay Kekua whom he met online and dated for a year there were a series of lies like being in an accident and the fake girlfriend spending major of her time in hospital.

Where is Manti Te’o now and What is he doing?

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Manti Te’o is currently married and this time the person is real identified as Jovi Nicole Engbino, an Instagram fitness influence.

They got married in August 2020 after meeting in 2016.

Manti Te’o is now a free agent for the National Football League (NFL) however before that, he spent four years playing for San Diego Chargers and two years for the New Orleans Saints


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