‘Where Was Shatta Wale When We Started ‘SPREADING’ Cash? He Shouldn’t Disturb Us With His ‘Small Money’- Samini

During one of Shatta Wale’s rants in recent times, he labeled all veteran Ghanaian musicians as paupers and that no one comes close to him when it comes to money.

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Reacting for the first time on ‘E with Becky’ show on this particular subject, Samini said Shatta Wale feels inferior to him as regard his wealth and that’s why he goes about blabbing.

According to Samini , he has been in the industry for a very long time and has made all the money he could before the emergence of Shatta Wale so it’s absolutely nonsense to say he’s poor.

Here’s what he said:

‘Action speaks louder than words and that has been my brand so if you are sitting somewhere and you worry about me so much that you want to tell people my financial status actually as part of things you sit and worry about, that tells me that even the small money that you’ve gotten, you are wondering if that’s ever going to make you like me.

That’s how I feel because before you got any money at all, you know we’ve been spending money and you’ve been saying it that we were the ones getting the money…..all of a sudden, you came, you saw, you got some, so if you’re going to call somebody that has been collecting money from 2001 and still collecting in 2018 a poor guy, that’s your opinion”, he told host Becky on the show.

Samini concluded by saying he sees no reason why he should flaunt his wealth to the whole world just because someone is provoking him.

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