Which shoes pair with which clothes for men?

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A man is judged by the kind of shoes he wears. If you have heard it, then you are probably right. These days a man can wear whatever he fancies without worrying about the implications, for everything is currently in trend. However, the secret to pulling off a great outfit is knowing what to wear with which outfit. It is both comfortable and hard to nail the art of dressing up correctly every day, but don’t you worry for we are about to help you out here.

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If you also find pairing the right pair of shoes with the right clothes a tough task, we have come here to assist you with the same. Here are some common pairing tips for various styles of footwear for men, depending on what they’re wearing. We believe this helps you make the right, classy and stylish pairing the next time.


    Boat Shoes –


When you crave a casual look, boat shoes can make a good choice. Casual doesn’t resemble carelessness. Instead you reflect that “minimum effort and maximum impact” look. When you want to aim high with a low-key look, boat shoes can help you out. They look perfect with chinos and prepare you for almost all occasions. Roll up trousers’ cuffs and get the effortless smart-casual realm.


    Sneakers –


Sneakers have paved the way beyond the gym for themselves. Reason being the style and versatility offered, this variety of footwear has become a staple item in every fashionable man’s closet. Sneakers get you ready for casual situations only and NOT for every occasion. It looks the best when paired with chinos, relaxed jeans as well as slim and skinny denim. Put on a printed t-shirt or gingham shirt for the basic yet smart look, or you can even put on a blazer to get that college professor look.


    Loafers –


Are you trying to get that dressed up but simplistic, relaxed look? Such semi-formal occasions are meant to be attended with loafers. These situations can be handled well by complementing classic colours with dress shirts and classic trousers. Even a preppy blazer goes well with loafers. The one point you need to remember is the colour palette. Make sure that the tones of your outfit are in the same colour palette. And, as a perfect partner for loafers during a change in the season, bring shawl neck cardigans and cable knit sweaters to throw over your shoulders to bring the classic Americana vibes.


    Brogues –


Be thankful for the unique perforations of brogues that add excitement and interest to the style of the footwear, other than just being smart and fashionable. Up for a stylish casual event, or a semi-formal occasion or a formal meeting? Brogues are here to help you to complete your “dressed-up” look. These shoes, being versatile, can align well with several outfits, starting from simple t-shirts, slim denim, chambray shirts and chinos. Even the two-piece suit business attire can get the complete look with this pair of shoes.



Keep in your mind these basic rules about shoes –


1.    Don’t pick the option of multicolour when there are block colours.

2.    Darker shades are way more preferable than the lighter ones.

3.    Keep in mind the shade of the shoes. For example, it is wise to wear black Derbies over tan ones. However, Oxfords in chocolate shade are a better option.

4.    Never buy white Oxfords. White trainers, on the other hand, will help you feel comfortable and look stylish.

5.    It doesn’t matter if your shoes represent the current trend if it is scuffed. Always take care of your shoes. Invest some money in buying the same shade of polish. Taking care of your shoes will help them last longer.

6.    If your shoes are too bright or you want your shoes to be the centre of attraction then wear neutral shade clothes. It will help to maintain the balance.


No matter which shoes you pick it is important to know how to style them and keep the basic tips in mind. You have to look your best, and it has been made very easy for you, with this guide. Now you can create a statement with what shoes you wear and how you pair them. Another good news is that now you can shop for such classy shoes at a discounted price using the Adidas Australia discount codes.


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