Who is Amanda Gorman’s mother, Joan Wicks?

Joan Wicks
Joan Wicks

Joan Wicks is known as the daughter of American artist and poet Amanda Gorman who gained prominence after her outstanding performance during the introduction of President Joe Biden.

Amanda Gorman became the most juvenile debut artist in the history of the United States. During the introduction of Joe Biden, she read a beautiful poem that stunned the world and since then she has become very popular.

Joan Wicks
Joan Wicks and Daugther

Who is Joan Wicks?

Amanda Gorman’s mother, Joan Wicks is a sixth-grade teacher and a single mother to the poet who inspires the young author and has been the backbone of her successful career.

There’s not much information about Joan Wicks hence information about her date of birth and place of birth is not publicly available but she is believed to be in her 40s.

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Joan Wicks’ daughter, Amanda Gorman

Amanda Gorman is a Los Angeles-based poet and humanitarian activist who aims at raising awareness of police oppression, racism, discrimination, and women’s rights throw her work. After she gained the attention of the world she received a cum laude status from Harvard University in 2020 and was designated the youngest poet to have recited an inauguration poem in US history.

She has won several awards and accolades for her writing and has written for many publications like New York Times and Penguin Random House. She has a couple of written pieces like The One for Whom Food Is Not Enough, Change Sings and The Hill We Climb.

Joan Wicks’ personal life

Joan Wicks is said to be single as there’s no information about her being married or dating anyone. She is a single mother who had raised three children.

Her children are Spencer, Gabrielle, and Amanda Gorman. Gabrielle and Amanda are twin sisters.

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