Who is Casey Coates, Ted Dansons’s Ex Wife?

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Cassandra Coates popularly known as Casey Coates was born in New York in the year 1938 to an artist mother and a musician father and quickly grew up to establish herself as an American environmental designer and an environmentalist.

Casey Coates Education 

Casey attended Great Neck High School and later graduated from Lasell College in Boston. Casey relocated to London and just after spending a year at London, she then move back to New York. Casey obtained a BFA in Environmental Design from the School of Design.

She began her career just after her graduation. At Cambridge, Massachusetts, She joined Ben aThomson firm. And also at Southern California Institute of Architecture and Environmental media association, she serve as a board member at persons School Of Design.

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Casey again serve as an advisor for Jimmy Carter’s Work project in Los Angeles. Additionally, she collaborated with Ted to found a sustainability initiative known as American Oceans Campaign.

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She then established her on initiative known as Global Possibilities which was a non- profitable organization that aims on education on renewable energy sources in1996.

As an environmental designer, she produced an hour documentary film titled Who’s Got The Power, which show case the effects of global warming and the importance of renewable energy. Casey also served as an administrative assistant at Walk Street for a short period of time.

Casey Coates Marriage to Ted Danson

In 1976, Casey Coates found the love of her heart called Ted Danson. They tied the knot on December 24,1977 and had a child named Kate in 1979 and later adopted another child named Alexis Danson who was born in 1985. Making two daughters the couples have.

Casey Coates
Casey Coates And Ted Danson

After sixteen years of happy marriage, infidelity came in between Casey and Ted. Ted cheated on her wife with actress Whoopi Goldberg, leading to the filling of a divorce by Casey.

Their daughter Kate is a photographer, actress and a doula while their adopted daughter Alexis keeps her private life secret.

Ted married actress Randy Danson whom he divorced in 1975 before marrying Casey Coates. Currently Mary Steenburgen is the new wife to Ted.

Due to undiagnosed high blood pressure on Casey Coates, she had a stroke during the delivery of Kate. This resulted in Ted’s abandonment of his acting career to have more time to take good care of the new born baby and his wife.

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However, the injury came between the lovely relationship between the husband and wife. They struggle with this problem for sometime before Casey get back to her feet. Later, the couple decide to adopt a child which they did too.

Now, the environmental activist Casey is single and residing in Los Angeles in a solar- powered house was built and designed in two years.

She took it upon herself to promote her renewable energy work and focused to make the world green and alert the masses on the effects of global warming.

She’s really on her project to save the world from global warming and also has been promoting the use of solar energy as she has been thrilled by renewable energy.

Casey Coates Net Worth 

Though it is believed that Casey Coates net worth is not over $20 million, Casey’s net worth is still not available to the public due to the  fact that there is no record of her salary or annually income, there is no estimation of her net worth too. However, Ted’s divorce from Casey cost him $ 30 million.

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