Who is Christine Fang? Interesting Facts You Need To Know

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Christine Fang is said to be a Chinese woman who has spent many years in California, United States of America, and is suspected to be a spy.

She is also known as Fang Fang however investigations revealed that she is a Chinese intelligence operative. Christine Fang connected with politicians across the United States especially in the San Francisco Bay Area from 2011 to 2015.

Christine specifically focused on up and coming local politicians who had the potential to make it to the national level.

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We’ll be going to tackle the interesting facts about Christine Fang.

  1. Christine Fang is known to be between her late 20s to her early 30s when she relocated from China to the U.S. in 2011 and enrolled at California State University (CSU) East Bay as a student in Hayward, California.

During her university days in the United States, she became the president of the University’s Chinese Student Association and also the president of the campus chapter of Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs (APAPA)

  1. The U.S counterintelligence officials said Christine Fang was working for Beijing, China, and also acted at the direction of China’s main civilian spy agency, the Ministry of State Security (MSS)
  2. She was first noticed while the U.S officials were investigating a different person who they suspected to be an MSS officer working undercover in San Francisco, California.
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As her main intelligence handlers were in China, she met and spoke with the one whom the U.S officials suspected as an MSS officer in the U.S. multiple times.

  1. Christine Fang met elected officials and other prominent figures by attending campus events, civic society conferences, political gatherings, and campaign rallies while she was enrolled at CSU East Bay.
  2. With the events that she attended she was able to grew her network of politicians across the U.S and also attending regional conferences for mayors played a big role in her networking.
  3. Christine Fang helped organized a meeting for Judy Chu, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from California 32nd district from 2009 to 2013 in 2012.
  4. She was accused of having sexual affairs with at least two Midwest mayors as FBI electronic surveillance caught her having sex with an Ohio mayor in a car.
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