Who Is Dora’s Cousin, Diego? All You Need To Know

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Most people who watch Dora the Explorer seem to be confused what is the relationship between the two animé television series characters; Dora and Diego or Pablo. Dora and her best friend whose name is Boots are seen to be eight years old who stepped out on a journey to find something vital to both of them.

The fact that our character, Dora Marquez has classic ADHD, which caused her to forget what the map had informed her for three consecutive times, made people think the character is autistic. Also, people believe that, because of her mental illnesses, she speaks louder than the rest of the characters in the animé television series.

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Who Is Dora’s Cousin?

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Dora the Explorer

Most fans of the famous animé television series, Dora the Explorer seems to be confused about who Dora’s boyfriend is as well as who her cousin is. Now, we clarify this once and for all.

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In the animation series, Diego Marquez is rather Dora’s cousin and not her boyfriend as many contemplate. And as a matter of fact, the main character, Dora the Explorer doesn’t even have a boyfriend. So now, the relationship between Dora and Diego has been explained.

In the series, Diego Marquez is a puzzling keyword as most people go around Google asking who is “Dora’s cousin” and “who is Dora’s boyfriend”. However, the makers of the television show did not explicitly establish how closely Diego and Dora are but their fathers were close brothers and they are also the first cousins.

Dora’s cousin, Diego Marquez was first seen in Season 3 episode 2 which first aired somewhere in October 2003. Suddenly after his appearance, he became the subject of discussion.


How Tall Is Dora?

Dora Marquez stands at a height of about 5 feet and 2 inches tall approximately to 158cm. She is also recorded to have a weight of about 140ls equivalent to 63kg respectively.


How Old Is Dora?

Dora was about seven years of age in the first five seasons which aired from 2000 to 2010. However, it is recorded that, she grew from eight years of age through Season 6 to 8. Then it was noticed that, in Dora and Friends, the animé television character was seen to be ten years old. Also, she was 16 years of age in Dora and the Lost City of Gold where she played the character of Dora.


Who Is Dora’s Boyfriend?

This has been the question bothering most people who watch Dora the Explorer. A lot suspect that Dora is in some sort of relationship with either Pablo or Dora. The truth about this is, that Dora does not have a boyfriend in the popular television show.

However, it should be known that, she has a couple of male cousins. Diego Marquez is Dora’s cousin and not her boyfriend or anything more than just a cousin. Therefore, Diego and Dora’s fathers are seen to be very closely related and connected and that, Dora and Diego are first cousins.

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Who Is Dora’s Boyfriend Pablo?

It is recorded that Pablo is the first character to make an appearance on the famous animé television series, Dora the Explorer with the name Pablo Flute.

Just as he was programmed, Pablo is very affectionate and caring toward Dora which makes people believe that he is in love with her. Also, he was raised by his grandfather on a farm and was given a magical flute. On this note, neither Pablo nor Diego Marquez is Dora’s boyfriends.

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