Who is Katherine Feinstein husband, Rick Mariano?

Katherine Feinstein is popularly known as an American attorney, public official, and former judge who currently serves as President of the San Francisco Fire Commission. Before this position, she served as Presiding Judge of the San Francisco Superior Court from 2010 to 2012 and as a Superior Court judge from 2000 to 2012. On 28 September 2023, Katherine lost her mother Dianne Feinstein. In this post, we will take a look at her career and who her husband Rick Mariano is. Keep reading to find out more.

Katherine Feinstein Biography

Feinstein was born on July 31, 1957, in San Francisco, California, U.S. She is the only daughter of her mother, Dianne Feinstein. She attended Convent of the Sacred Heart High School where she completed her high school education in 1951. With a huge aim to become a great personality in future, Dianne Feinstein attended and graduated from Stanford University in 1955 with a Bachelor of Arts in history.

After school, Katherine worked as a law clerk for the Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals, she served as a prosecutor. She also worked as a lawyer representing police officers accused of wrongdoing. Later, Katherine took a job with the San Francisco city attorney’s office where she represented children in abuse and custody cases. She was later appointed by California Governor Gray Davis to the San Francisco Superior Court in 2000. Twelve years later in 2012, Katherine announced her retirement from the court, and Judge Cynthia Ming-mei Lee replaced her as presiding judge.

During her career, Feinstein founded several initiatives including Squires, a “scared straight” program that matched juvenile delinquents with convicts serving life sentences at San Quentin State Prison; and a program that jailed drunks who skip their court dates unless they enter a treatment program. Katherine was also named by California Governor Jerry Brown to the Medical Board of California in 2016. She currently serves on the San Francisco City Fire Commission. She was appointed to this position in 2020.

Katherine Feinstein Loses Mother

Dianne Feinstein is a renowned American politician who gained massive popularity in the public space as the senior United States senator from California, a position she has occupied since 1992. Katherine is her only daughter. On 28 September 2023, she passed away at her home in Washington. She was 90 years old.

Before her death, Dianne had a lot of health problems. On May 2, 2022, The New York Times reported that Feinstein had been struggling to remember her colleagues’ names, meetings she had attended, and phone calls she had received.

In March 2023, she was diagnosed with shingles and hospitalized. On May 18, the Times reported that her shingles infection led to complications. Those complications included encephalitis, which caused swelling in her brain, and Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which caused paralysis on the left side of her face and problems with her balance and eyesight. Health issues relating to the shingles diagnosis necessitated Feinstein’s absence from the Senate.

On May 17, 2023, when she returned to Congress, Feinstein told reporters she had not been away from her office when asked about her three-month absence.

On August 8, 2023, Feinstein was hospitalized after falling at her home in San Francisco. A spokesperson said it was “a minor fall” and Feinstein was subsequently cleared to return home.

Katherine’s late mum’s career spans from 1955 to 2023. She was elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 1969. She remained on the board for nine years.

Who is Katherine Feinstein’s husband, Rick Mariano?

Katherine is married to Rick Mariano. They are blessed with a daughter named Eileen Feinstein Mariano.

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