Who Is Leylah Fernadez Coach?

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Leylah Fernandez is a professional tennis player from Canada who was born on September 6, 2002, into the Jorge Fernandez and Irene née Exevea family. She was raised in Florida, the United States, but was born in the Montreal region of Quebec in Canada.

Her father, who has remained her coach to this day, introduced her to tennis when she was very little. Even if Leylah is one of those unique players who makes this possible, it is rare to see a teenager among the Top 20 in the world.

On August 8, 2022, the 19-year-old reached her career-high rating of 13, and she is currently just one spot below this position as the current world number 14. She is rated 52nd in the world in the tennis doubles category and has won two singles titles in her career thus far.

Leylah Fernandez’s Coach 

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Leila Fernandez’s father, according to CBC, decided that little Leila should have “her own coach.” Fernandez began playing tennis, but by the time he was seven, all might have been lost.

Her parents tried to enrol their daughter in the Quebec Talent Development Program, but they were denied. She was heartbroken, as told by the narrator Jorge Fernandez. Like other kids, Leylah might not have abandoned everything and adopted a new hobby.

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Despite never having played the sport himself, her father began teaching his daughter how to play tennis. When Leila was eleven years old, she started to play tennis seriously. Leila’s father also foresaw that in a few years she would want to leave everything behind.

According to CBC, Leila’s father determined that the little Leila should have “her own way and sport.” Fernandez started playing tennis, but at the age of seven, all could be gone. The Quebec Talent Development Program rejected her parents’ attempts to enroll their daughter there. Jorge Fernandez narrates, “She was brokenhearted. Leylah might not have given up everything and switched to a new pastime like other kids could have.

Her father started teaching his daughter tennis although never having played the sport himself. Leila began taking her tennis seriously when she was ten years old. At the same time, her father predicted that Leila would want to abandon everything in a few years.


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