Why Did Japan Attack Pearl Harbor?

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Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor was known as Hawaii Operation or Operation AI and as Operation Z during its planning by the Japanese military. The Japanese military’s attack on Pearl Harbor was a surprise one. The United States military was unprepared when they came upon them. But why did Japan attack Pearl Harbor? What actually happened? Let’s find out by reading more below.

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Why Japan Attacked Pearl Harbor

Before the attack, there were tensions between the United States and Japan. To stop Japan’s global expansion, the US passed several economic sanctions against Japan, including a trade embargo, oil and scrap metal and a lot of crucial stuff.

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However, the sanctions were not strong enough to stop the Japanese. So, they stirred their anger toward the Western world. The United States was the big man here and the only way to attack them was to do without them noticing.

So in May 1940, the Japanese airforce attacked the United States Army which had made Pearl Harbor its main base for its pacific fleet. They first attacked Hawaii and then came straight for the harbour. The attack hit all 8 US battleships, sinking four and damaging four others. About 2400 Americans at Pearl Harbor were also killed. Another 300 aircraft were also damaged.

What Happened After Japan’s Attack On Pearl Harbor?

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The conflict led Japan to World War II but the United States eventually responded by the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945. Japan had to surrender in the end.

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