Why I won’t be accepting any gifts – Floyd Mayweather

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American boxing promoter and former professional boxer Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr. has revealed the reason why he won’t be accepting any form of gifts.

The former boxer has taken to his page to disclose that gifts should not be given out only on specific days like Christmas, fathers days, birthdays, or Valentine’s day.

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According to Floyd Mayweather, he gives gifts to people on regular days because every day of the year is worth celebrating, hence he doesn’t have to wait or specific occasions to give out gifts or receive gifts from people.

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In his words;

“I will not be accepting gifts on Christmas, my birthday, Valentine’s Day, or Father’s Day. I constantly give gifts all throughout the year because I feel every day is worth celebrating and not just some commercialized holiday. Where’s the thought behind a gift if it’s only given on a holiday?”

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“You only think of giving me a gift when society says you should give gifts? I understand people can’t give me what I give them, but it’s the small thoughtful things that count. It’s all about reciprocation. The random gift on any given day is priceless, not the gifts I receive 4 times a year. I’m better than that.”

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