Why it’s not advisable for women to give men money in a relationship- Counsellor warns women

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A relationship coach from Uganda, Zaituni Kakyama had asked women never to dole out money to their partners in a relationship during a recent interview on NTV Uganda.

Making her point clear, she said;

‘Whether she gets more money than he does, he has to take care of his wife and family as a head. I don’t give my man money because when I do, that leads to his destruction when he gets into the comfort zone of being given.

You find women from such marriages saying their men don’t love them. Remember how you convinced that woman to marry you, small things matter.”

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This triggered massive reactions sampled of which can be found below;

Prince Aderemi Adepitan – Married counsilor has turned out to be married intruder 🤔 They shouldn’t give a man money for supporting the home 🏠 but bible say that…. what God has joined together 🤝 Let know body put asunder.

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Pule Letube – Ohhhh whn we men do that they will be……..?in a home both partners should take responsibility and if any 1 works he or she doesn’t himself or herself is for family also relationship

Vincent Dela Tsifokor – I always say it’s these same councilors that are breaking marriages in this country.
Marriage differs from one relationship to another.
No two relationships are the same so u can’t generalize one thing for all relationships.
It’s not wise to say that to all people.
U can only advice one relationship with that depending on the situations.

Courage Donkor – Which school sef these counsellors dey attend at all. In fact which text book dem dey read? Kor.
We taya dem sef. Everybody wake up appear for TV den come flow something from e mind sey e be counsellor. Wayside counsellors

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