Why should I thank you for giving me money meant for beggars? – Lady on why she will reject 200 cedis from a man

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Nigerian social media influencer and podcaster, Lydia Balogun, has sparked reactions after sharing her response to receiving a N10k cash gift from a man.

During a recent episode of popular podcast ‘Rants, Bants, and Confessions,’ Lydia, along with Maliya Michael and Caramel Plugg, criticized men who make grand promises of spoiling women with money but end up giving as little as N10k or N5k.

Lydia shared her own experience when a man sent her N10k and noted that men should stop trying to impress girls with money they don’t actually have.

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Maliya on her part said that she would sever ties with any man who sends her such a small amount.

When co-host Caramel Plugg chimed in, mentioning that N10,000 could mean a lot to some people, Lydia responded by saying that she is not in a position of need and suggested giving the money to someone on the street or a beggar instead.

Give it to somebody on the street, am I on the street? Give it to a beggar,” she said.


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