Why was Travis Kelce kicked out of college?

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Both Jason and his brother Travis Kelce have established themselves as two of the league’s most adored siblings. In the Super Bowl, they’ll be rivals.

Jason had a relatively smooth journey to the center position with the Philadelphia Eagles, but his younger brother, Travis, had some additional obstacles to overcome before he could join the Kansas City Chiefs.

Both siblings enrolled at the University of Cincinnati and were active members of the athletics department. But you have to pass a drug test if you want to keep playing.

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The Tight End failed a drug test his junior year of college and was kicked off the team. In contrast, Jason performed well on the exam and maintained his place, allowing him to continue playing throughout his senior year.

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Kelce, as any caring big brother would, advocated for his younger sibling by pleading with the coaches to reinstate Travis to the team over the offseason. All the steps he needed to do to get it were written down on a list.

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In an interview with sports journalist Shannon Sharpe conducted in January 2021, Travis expressed his gratitude to Jason.

His elder brother, Travis, has been there for him in times of need before.

Eagles coach at the time, Andy Reid, selected Jason in 2011. Several years later, when Reid had been laid off and taken over as coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, he selected Travis in the draft.

Why was Travis Kelce kicked out of college?

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The dream of a professional football career for Travis Kelce was fading. As a result of his insubordination, Kelce was cut from the football team at the University of Cincinnati.

Travis Kelce was able to live with his brother, the club’s star offensive lineman and team captain, Jason Kelce, who also cooked for him.

Jason Kelce begged his coaches to give his sibling, Bryce, another opportunity. At last, he made the offer, but only on the condition that he meet certain requirements, such as maintaining a specific grade point average.

Travis Kelce was ready to shift his attention. If he was willing to dedicate himself to the many demands that go hand in hand with football success, he may find fulfillment in the sport. To squander a good chance was not an option for him. Countless individuals appreciate his efforts.


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