Wisa Greid makes U-turn; retracts earlier claims of acting in Blue Films

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Wisa Greid, a highlife artist, has backtracked on previous statements in which he claimed to have been in a few of sexual films.

During an interview on OKAY FM with Abeiku Santana a little over a week ago, the artist responsible for the popular song “Ekikime” said that he had engaged in p.no behaviour in the past. This led to widespread media coverage.

According to him, he was not a prominent figure in the public eye at the time, which is why nobody truly recognized it was him.

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When he got successful, nobody could identify him because of the way he seemed in the videos that were widely shared on the internet, and this was another reason why.

In his own words;

“Do a web search for “Wapipi” now. I’ve performed in porn before. You can see me in it if you pay close attention. You won’t be able to identify me if you don’t pay close attention because I didn’t have my rasta at the time.”

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The singer receives a tremendous response from Ghanaians; later tells fans and loved ones to disregard his previous words as falsehoods since he has never acted p0n0 in his life, despite what he claimed on live radio to trend.

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Since then, he has posted a snapshot of the viral article, in which he states emphatically that he lied during the interview and the tale is going viral.

Wisa Greid makes U-turn
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