Woman Reveals how Her Husband Sodomized Their 7 and 4 Month-Old Sons

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A lady and mother of two named Christabel has told the harsh story of how her husband sexually abused their infant sons.

Speaking on Okyerepa FM in Kumasi, she narrated how at the tender ages of 7 months, her son begun to defecate sperms on a regular basis, making him very sick.

Out of fear and worry, she rushed him to the hospital, where she was told that somebody had been molesting him by raping him through the anus. She then begun to suspect her husband because, whenever he travelled, her sons anus never became inflamed. But, whenever he was present at the house, the nightmare persisted. He however bitterly denied and refuted the claims.

“My husband drives to Bogoso, so when he leaves, my son’s anus is ok, but when he comes, there are injuries at the anus of my son. I always confronted him and he will call his mother to complain that I am blaming him of something he has not done,” Christabel explained.

Narrating her ordeal with her second son whose molestation begun when he was just 4 months, she said that her husband would wake up earlier than usual to clean the sperms and shea butter with the children’s garments. On some occasions, he would have to wash the clothes because they were drenched in sperms.

She also revealed that her family never supported her during these dark times because they thought she was just trying to frame her husband.

In order to confirm her suspicions, one day as she and her husband were having sex, she asked him to use her anus instead. He then became extremely excited and quickly withdrew from her vagina. He then smeared shea butter on her anus an on his penis. Immediately he was about to penetrate, she then told him that he was obviously gai and had been in fact raping their sons.


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