Woman slips into depression after catching her boyfriend ‘taking it hard’ from another man, confesses he’s into men too

A woman momentarily slipped into depression after she saw her man having intercourse with another man as she had no idea he was bisexual.

The story which was shared on Adunni Bay in furtherance of a relatable thread started by netizens, saw the lady revealing that she bumped into her boyfriend of two years busily s*cking the manhood of another man.

She said the trauma of the incident could not even continue with the narration and would storm back with the rest of the details.

Furthermore, another woman known as Amari also said she caught her lover in the same situation and he confessed to her that he was into men. Amari added that her boyfriend now suggested to her to do a threesome with them and she agreed.

See reactions below;

mide10; ‘I told my man I’m broke and needed 500k This cute man of mine stress-freely sent me 2million naira. Dear God, what did I do to deserve this kind of IMAGINATION

lilostargang; ‘Ashawo dey everywhere even girls dey fear say gay go collect all the boys for this year 😂😂😂 Make wuna Dey tag all this wuna boyfriend make we Dey shake the table small small 😂

fragranceessence; ‘Shebi una think say na we won snatch una bf….. now na their fellow guys Na wa o! Where una Dey see these kind people to date sef😢🤮 Omo!! How do bone and bone attract mbok? God epp us abeg 😩

kingsleytresh; ‘Sometimes it’s not a lady that’s tryna ruin your marriage/relationship. It’s his fellow man! 😂😂😂😂 Why do i feel the second lady is selling Zobo,very cold one…

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