Woman Who Was Beaten By Policeman Is A Thief, Deserves More Beatings–Akua Donkor (Hot Audio)

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Not everyone is saddened by the video of a policeman assaulting a woman in a bank and Akua Donkor, former presidential aspirant is one of such persons. She’s disclosed in an interview that, the woman is guilty and even deserves more beatings than what we saw in the video.

Akua Donkor has registered her displeasure in an audio, stating that the Policeman is being treated unfairly and that she even has evidence to support her claim that the woman is a thief.

According to Akua Donkor, the woman, Patience Osarfo is a thief who was merely posing as a desperate nursing mother just so she could observe happenings at the bank and alert her accomplice armed robbers to execute their operation when there was less activity going on at the bank. She said that armed robbers use women as tactic to facilitate their operations because they are weaker and easier to believe and consider.

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“When things are going on and you don’t know, be open to learn. Women lately negotiate with armed robbers and pull stunts on banks. She said she was withdrawing money, how much money was she taking so much so that she had to spend a week at the bank? It’s obvious she was sent by robbers, it’s what they do. Some women fake pregnancy and labour by putting clothes on their tummies to trick drivers by the roadside and get their accomplices to rob them when they pick them”.

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She believes the woman with her two-month-baby should have been given more beatings than she received at the bank because she deserved it.

“The beatings they gave her were not enough, they should have beaten her even more because she is a thief. That’s what the ladies do now and I have evidence to back it. I don’t know either of the two people; the policeman nor the woman but I’m telling you the facts on the ground. They plan, get to the targeted location, wait till there are just a few persons and then they execute their plans”.

She is ready to submit her evidence to the courts if L/Cpl Amanor is sacked by the IGP and taken to court.

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“I will even go and bail him if he is sacked. I want to know which court the IGP intends to take him to, I will go there personally, surrender the evidence I have and fully support the policeman”.

Listen to the audio below:


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