Women Are Fascinating, Here’s Why 

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The difference between male and female sexuality gives rise to many stereotypes and even myths. We seek to unravel the opposite sex, attributing to its non-existent merits, inclinations, and prejudices.

Usually attempts to “understand men” or “understand women” are doomed to failure because there is no generalized woman or a generalized man. And yet we try to catch patterns and explain the inexplicable. Yet still, there are fascinating things about all of us.

Today we will talk about just that – 10 ways in which women are fascinating. 

  1. She asks for the (almost) impossible things
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The ideal man should show two mutually exclusive qualities at first: be a hero with broad enough shoulders to ward off misfortune and behave like a gallant cavalier, not hiding weaknesses in close relationships. In short, they must be complex: powerful (physically) and receptive (mentally). 

  1. She can only love one man

For a woman, as a rule, the whole love story is a separate story, a separate life which she lives with the man she loves. She rarely compares what happens “here and now” with previous experiences. A man can (much) more easily live the same type of relationship and allow the same behavior with many partners. To such an extent that sometimes their names are forgotten…  

  1. She falls in love with the eyes of a manfirst 

A piercing or sensual look is worth all the muscles in the world. Therefore, it is not worth more or less cleverly to mask your beer belly during the first date. In addition to eyes, she will look at your hands – they will inform her about what kind of caress they can do, and only after that she will listen to your voice. After all, the voice can bring just as much pleasure as a regular caress. 

  1. She wants to talk before making love

A woman needs to hear something like “Honey, I love you” in order to feel the desire. She needs a feeling to start sex, while men need sex to open their feelings. 

  1. She likes it when all her erogenous zones are stimulated

In order to “fall into euphoria,” a woman needs a man in bed to show an interest in her entire body and not just in her genitals. How many men consider themselves to be “husbands with experience,” yet they forget to kiss (as they should) their spouses on the lips or gently bite her ears. 

  1. She replies pleasure to pleasure

Even if she wants to be caressed from head to toe, some caressing doesn’t give a “pass” for penetration. Many women generally prefer winding trails of subtle touch, skin-to-skin contacts, and all that. In contrast to men who don’t consider intimacy without penetration to be sex. 

  1. She hates being perceived as an object

Although some practice “love-sport” of open relationships because a quick change of partners is in fashion or simply because they like it, they nevertheless need a reason to have sex. For most of the women, there can be no sex without feelings. 

  1. She is very sensitive to attention after sex

Do you want to excite her even more, delight, and charm her? If, after sex, a man, despite the fatigue and numbness that overcomes him, can embrace his partner, mumble tender words, praise, appreciate her… Give her signs (of attention) that prove to her that she is not just an object of satisfaction of desire. 

  1. When deceived, she burns bridges

For a woman who was betrayed, the relationship has ended. It is quite hard for a woman to pardon a man that has cheated on her. A man in this situation would rather seek to re-glue the pieces and get his love back. 

  1. She can leave to live alone

While it just may be that you are dating an extrovert that wants to leave all the things behind, doesn’t need human interactions, and such, an unsatisfied woman can end a relationship without having an alternate option. A man, on the contrary, is much more in need of home, refuge, and a place of peace; therefore, he is readier to compromise, even if he and his partner had some difficulties. 


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