Women do not have any right to cheat but men can do so- Rapper Papi causes stir online

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Perhaps in a bid to appear controversial and resuscitate his diminishing career, rapper Papi formerly of the defunct 5five music duo has made an interesting statement in a recent interview.

Papi drew his inspiration from the Bible and said women have no right to cheat but men can have multiple partners because the Biblical Solomon did the same thing.

He said despite Solomon’s promiscuity, God blessed him and always interacted with him as his best friend. He, therefore, said that based on this, a woman should learn to be faithful but it’s not in a place of man to stick to one woman.

“Eating one thing can kill you, if we have married you, stay home so that your husband can play around. In the bible women did not cheat so it’s not right for women to cheat. But Solomon who was hearing the voice of God married several women and kept several concubines so how much more us who are not even closer to God? We will have to beat him to his game,” he said on Okay FM.

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