Wonders shall never end: Pastor allegedly pays native doctor to stop rain so he could have his crusade in Nigeria 

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Lightness and darkness have nothing in common but this Nigerian pastor packed this script somewhere to engage the services of a native doctor to hold the rain so he could have his crusade in River State, Nigeria.

This seemingly unbelievable story was shared on Twitter by a tweep whose username is @dj_wHacky. He further said this happened Ozuoba near Port Harcourt in Rivers state.

Apparently, there are some traditional people who have supernatural powers to stop rain from disrupting programs such as funerals, naming ceremonies and any major outdoor events. They are generally called rainmakers.

They perform incantations and in some cases, sacrifices to appease the gods so that rain would not ruin the event or occasion.

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Sharing the story, @dj_wHacky wrote;

“Nothing person nogo see for this Port Harcourt Rain, Pastor wan do crusade for ozuoba, e go pay rainmakers to hold rain.”

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