Wutah Afriyie’s greed is gradually collapsing the group and I’m worried – Wutah Kobby

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To make things work when working as a group or team in our part of the world is very difficult as individual members fail to perform their duties as expected. Reason why music groups can’t stand the test of time.

Wutah, once a vibrant music group in Ghana, keeps retrogressing because of the attitude of the individual members although that shouldn’t be the case. Each party when given the platform has been accusing the other for playing a major role just to degrade the group.

In a recent interview, Wutah Kobby has fished out Wutah Afriyie as the one masterminding the collapse of the one-time vibrant music group in the country. Speaking to SVTV Africa, Wutah Kobby accused his partner of greed, the main reason why the group is struggling to be heard.

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According to Kobby, the group has been unproductive after their hit song ‘Bronya’ because his other half has been uncooperative which is gradually collapsing the group. This he says worries him a lot. Speaking to host DJ Nyaami on on SVTV Africa, Kobby posited that;

“It’s rather unfortunate you know; I’m sensing some greediness from my partner. After our Bronya hit, one will expect that we play lots of shows but that is not the story. You will see a poster that has Wutah on it but with only one picture and it’s that of Afriyie and that worries me a lot. We both worked hard and must enjoy it together. I mean, when you get gig, you call your brother and you play together but when he gets gig, he goes and play alone. How would you feel?”

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Asked when was the last time he heard from his partner Afriyie, Kobby said

“He doesn’t answer my calls. I sent him message that, I have seen these posters out there, what’s going on but he hasn’t replied. I recently sent him a message too but he hasn’t responded”

Kobby added that, even though they are under a management. Management is currently mute on the issue. Kobby however noted that, he hopes that the group will come back together and work for the greater good.

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As a reminder, the group reunited in 2017 after a long break up and they were able to drop hit songs together after their comeback. They dropped hit songs like AK 47 and Bronya which had lots of airplay when they came back as group.

Historically, Wutah came into the limelight in 2004 when it contested for the Nescafe Africa Revelation music competition in Accra and came second to Praye. The name Wutah is a Hausa word which means fire.

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