X2twins; Bio, Girlfriends, Gaming Career, Net Worth

Jesse Eckley and her twin Jordan Eckley famously known as X2twins were born on 28th May, 1999 in Australia. Their zodiac sign is Gemini. Both of them are famous Twitch streamers who have won several tournaments. Additionally, they were World Cup Qualifiers too.

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X2twins Girlfriend

There is currently no information about who the twins are currently dating or hanging out with. Maybe they are keeping a little profile about their personal information and other relevant details about themselves. At the appropriate time, we shall update you if there is anything.


X2twins Gaming Career

Famous YouTube twins, X2TWINS

Just after the twins had graduated from high school, they ventured into the playing and streaming of eSports in the year 2018. According to them, their family played a very supportive and helpful role in the nurturing of their career. They even went to the extent of getting some of the equipment for their children.

Soon enough, they started to expand their channel. While their channel made a lot of name and fame, that was when Jesse won the Australian Summer Smash tournament in the year 2019. Sometime in 2018, they made up a decision of owning their own team called Twinsanity as they struggled so hard to get other players at their level to well compete with them at LAN events and started to push their goal to professional. They also involved themselves in competing with Fresh and Cizzorz.

Somewhere in July 2018, they received a Twitch partnership and got signed on with Renegade ms in August 2018. The duo also has a YouTube channel where they upload their videos. With their channel, they have been able to amass a huge sum of followers. They have more than 3million subscribers with over 816million views across all his videos.

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X2twins Net Worth


Jesse Eckley and Jordan Eckley have an estimated net worth of about $5-8million approximately even though their actual net worth has not yet been officially revealed. They make a lot of money from winning tournaments, advertisements ls and sponsorships.

X2twins Names

The famous twins’ real names are Jesse Eckley and Jordan Eckley.

X2twins Birthday

Jesse Eckley and her twin, Jordan Eckley celebrate their birthdays on the 28th of every May.

How Old Are X2twins?

X2twins are 23 years of age as of 2022. They were born on 28th May, 1999.

Summary Profile

Names: Jesse Eckley and Jordan Eckley

Date of Birth: 28th May, 1999

Age: 23 years of age as of 2022

Place of Birth: Australia

Career: Twitch streamers, YouTubers

Net Worth: $5-8million


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